Originally submitted by Jeremy Radford - Retailer in health products on 19th April 2010

I have been using Tish’s financial services for at least ten years. The fact that I continue to use her is due to the efficient and friendly approach she has to her clients. She usually manages to get me a refund of tax paid, but because she calculates my tax accurately, the refunds are not large. I fully intend to continue with our business relationship which has been profitable to us both. An effective and professional service
Originally submitted by Martyn Lee - Plumber, Private Landlord and Construction, on 9th April 2010

Tish has been my accountant for over 10 years. She always provides an efficient service even when I submit my paper work late. Tish explains things in layman terms talking you through complicated issues. There is no doubt in my mind that I have saved money by using her services and I have never been fined since I employed Tish, she doesn't let you fall behind in your paper work.

I am now winding down to retirement, thanks to the advice Tish gave me some years ago I can retire without worrying about how to make ends meet.

My son has been self employed for the last 5 years and Tish is keeping him on the straight and narrow. He is very happy with the services she provides.

I would not hesitate in recommending Tish to anyone, as I have to many associates, she is accessable, I don't have to leave a customer to see her, I can see her in the evenings and at weekends no matter how busy she is she makes you feel important. You can't go wrong with tish.....
Originally submitted by Steve Eddison - Teacher and Freelance Writer on 7th April 2010

My online tax return was completed on my behalf by Acorn Business Services. It was done in a friendly and efficient manner, with all stages clearly explained.

This was my first experience of being self employed and of being required to complete a tax return. My initial concerns were that the process might prove both costly and time-consuming. Acorn Business Services proved my concerns were misplaced. It was all done with a minimum of fuss and at a very reasonable cost. I will most certainly be using them again next year. ....
Originally submitted by Denise Claxton www.niftynumbers.co.uk- Free Lance Bookkeeper on 17th November 2009.

I found Tish to be a very friendly,approachable and helpful person. I would have no hesitation in recommending her for all your business services.....
Submitted by High Rise Loft Conversions 22nd April 2012.

I am a long standing client with Acorn Business Services, I can’t fault the girl. First went to see her when I was in trouble with the dreaded taxman; I was then with a firm of Chartered Accountants, who charged me a fortune to tell me there was nothing they could do just pay up
But Tish wore the taxman down, she bombarded them with letters and phone calls. She could do nothing about the fines, fair dues, I had been naughty, but she did get the penalties and interest charges reduced a lot.

I am not naughty now, she doesn’t let me, she makes sure my accounts are accurate and up to date. I have a number of businesses including student and residential lettings, she does the accounts for all of these. They are always on time, I don’t have any more trouble with the dreaded taxman and now she manages the properties for me and a grand job she is doing, I’m always on holiday now.

All I can say is give her a go I haven’t regretted it and she is much cheaper than my previous accountant.