All business organisations are legally obliged to keep accurate records of their trading activities.
This essential process requires keeping an exact record of every trading transaction relative to money spent and received by the business. Hence, all invoices, cheques, cash and credit notes must be recorded accurately including; dates, reference numbers, net and gross amounts for VAT and brief narratives to identify each transaction for audit purposes by HMRC if required.
Credit Control
Credit Control is a vital part of running any business – and especially any new business with limited cash resources; a healthy cash flow is the foundation to any successful business.

Through accurate bookkeeping and constant analysis of Suppliers and Customers we can assist with credit control issues; offering advice on credit checking and credit limits if appropriate.
Periodic Reports
Ensure any issues can be highlighted and dealt with effectively before they become a problem. They facilitate good customer relations, reduce the potential for bad debts and assist with cash flow management.
Issuing timely professional invoices contributes towards a healthy cash flow, minimises the potential for bad debts, complies with record keeping regulations and promotes profitability.

We generate and despatch professional invoices on behalf of clients which state terms of trade and improves the efficiency of the bookkeeping function.

Self Assessment & VAT Returns
For submission to HMRC; we can complete and submit your Self Assessment and VAT Return online, ensuring an accurate and worry free submission. Professionally completed Returns can reduce potential liabilities and avoid fines and penalties.
Year End Accounts
Keeping a full history of your business promotes profitability and potential expansion, while complying with regulations.

A full history of your business can assist with the generation of credit facilities and any loan capital requirements for expansion and cash flow purposes.
Administrative & Secretarial
All business organisations endure an element of administrative functions which can be extremely time consuming for the non professional and therefore costly to their business.

We tailor this function to the clients’ individual needs – providing additional professionalism to your corporate image and ensuring the administrative function of your business is managed effectively and efficiently.